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PowerAXEL Client Software for reseller

PowerAXEL Client Software for reseller
    · Maufacture : PowerAXEL
    · Made In : KOREA
    · Sell Price : $
    · Point : Point
    · Quantity :

PowerAXEL Client Software for reseller
PowerAXEL Client Software for reseller

Everyone knows PowerAXEL made PX1, PX2 reflash module for Genesis Coupe 2.0T.
PX3 is for GDI Optima and GDI Sonata use.

Only 2009~2012 2.0T models.

The User software does not allow to reset, basically each module is marry to a single car.

The Pro software has given to VEO COM dealers in the past, and we are release to public who has interest to
become reseller.

Territorial use, USA and Canada.

Application, anyone who owns PX1 or PX2 module.

Software + 1 tuned data included. 1 Free data to sell once you read customer car's ecu.

The Client software application is similar to those famous other makers like Alientool, VIEZU. Previously called Slave kit, but we prefer to be call Client tool which can be read and write only.  

Since it's not VEO COM kit, it does not have function to change the value of your own.

Having a module,
reseller read oem data from customer car's ecu and save to computer
Send oem data to our tech dept.
We retune using customer oem data and send back to reseller.
Reseller then use tuned data and rewrite to customer's car.

We've sold 400 units of PX1 and PX2 combined. First come first to cover certain territorial protection, since
we don't want competition within close distance from reseller competing the reflash price.

Any questions, email
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